Sunday, October 15, 2006

One Thing You've Learned from LwC

This week as we "Look Back, Look Around, and Look Ahead", let's reflect on what we've learned over the past month and throughout our experiences at Learning with Computers. How have the tasks, discussions, and fellow members impacted your teaching or other areas of your life? Please reply by posting at least ONE thing you've learned from the group!


Mary H said...

Throughout the time that I've been a member of LwC, I've come to see professional development as an "every day" affair. That is, on a daily basis, I'm learning new things and connecting with like-minded teachers around the world. In particular, over the past month, I've worked on blogging more, even though this was the theme of the previous month!! So, please visit for more reflections. Thanks, Gladys and everyone for all the encouragement!

Mary said...

As a very new member of LwC, I feel awed by the enormous technical knowledge that the members show, and look forward to learning about blogs, slide shows and so much more. And thanks to the people who have welcomed me.

Jennifer Verschoor said...

I found a great group of professionals always willing to give you a hand in everything!!
I´ve learnt a lot about blogging but still can´t find the time to apply it with a new born baby.
I thank all of you for all the things I´ve learnt and happy mother´s day to LWC moms
Jennifer (Argentina)

Isabel Teixeira said...

I´ve learned many valuable things,but the most important one is about how can technology bring together people and make them help each other! In such a violent and selfish world that we are living in, it´s nice to know that you can count on people you have never seen before and clear out stereotypes( like working with Argentinian people!:) and learn that more than nationalities, we have wonderful human beings willing to make a difference in the world through education).This is certainly one of the most amazing ways to use technology!

Gladys Baya said...

I've learned I can be "more than I thought I could be" (as Whitney Houston's song goes!) when collaborating with wonderful human beings, I've learned there are generous learners eager to teach each other all over the planet, and I've learned about so many tools and discovered so many tricks it'd be boring to post a comment on them!

Nahir said...

Eventhough I haven't been very active in the group, I've learned a lot. The first thing that comes to my mind is the e-culture (I don't know if the term exists)as it has been said in previous posts: giving and taking, asking and answering, being surprised by unexpected reactions, sharing what you know, and so on.That's on one side. On the other hand, I've finally learned how to work with blogs templates. And something else, I started to work with wikis.
Thanks for inviting,Gladys.And all LwCers (from different countries!! amazing too)for sharing.

Mary H said...

Thanks for replying! It's great to discuss all the things that we've learned from LwC, isn't it? The interaction, collaboration, and sharing between our members make it a special group, indeed! Not to mention all of the new skills we are learning with blogs, wikis, and other online tools. Let's continue learning and sharing!

Illya said...

LwC has been of great value to me in my development as a teacher who wants to apply internet technology. This group has given me a playground in which to learn with others and gain self-confidence.
It has supplied contact with supportive people from all over the world with whom I enjoy the contact.

Since joining this group half a year ago I have done the following as a result:
-started teaching using blogs and wikis
-written an article in a journal about blogs
-started sharing experiences with bubbleshare
-use bloglines with confidence
-use blinklist and delicious for teaching and personal purposes
-tell people about friendly and innovative people in places far away such as brasil and argentina (to name but a few)
-become confident in clicking on the DOWNLOAD button
I really couldn't just limit it to one ;-)
What wonderful people are in this group!!!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Being a member of LWC has been a wonderful experience. At the beginning I was overwhelmed with the amount of information available and didn´t know where to start, then I was surprised at the willingness to help I noticed among group members. I still feel I´m crawling when it comes to technology but as Ilya said I´ve been pressing the upload button more frequently. My experience with blogs has given me great satisfaction and much of what I´ve tried had to do with blogs:
1. I´ve created personal and class blogs.
2. I´ve learned how to wonderful things with photos like slideshows and slidestories.
3. I´ve shared powerpoint presentations with others teachers and students.
4. I´ve created cartoons with my students.
A student the other day even said to me,"Teacher, you´re so technological!", her exact words. :) In fact, for someone who had no idea of what a blog was , not so long ago, that was quite a compliment. Thank you again LWCers.