Friday, April 14, 2006

Another Star in Cyberspace

Gladys Baya, an EFL, teacher trainer and computer fancier from Buenos Aires, Argentina, decided to create Learning with Computers Yahoo! Group by the end of February 2006, to cater for those language teachers in need of basic training in the use of Internet-based tools. Having been a member of Webheads in Action since 2005, she realised many participants in annual EVO Sessions felt overwhelmed by the unintelligible techie jargon of initiated participants and chose to remain in the background. There she saw fertile soil to plant the seed of cooperative technology training and discussion.

As soon as I got to know of Gladys's initiative, I jumped into the action. I've known her for a few years but have started regular communication with her since our "virtual" meetings in this year's Becoming a Webhead sessions, where she was a co-moderator for one of the weeks and I, a first timer.

Not many English teachers in our area think it is worthwhile to spend free time exploring new technologies. But we do. And a small bunch of others out there do too. Facing the impossibility of f2f teamwork, we have found CMC (computer mediated communication) a useful bridge to get to other like-minded people all over the world and break free from isolation. Thanks to this, our individual efforts can find echo in big communities who are ready to help, encourage, comfort, guide.

Gladys has confided me the task of setting up this blog to record our development as a community of teachers/learners. Each and every one of us has something to learn from the group as well as many useful contributions to offer. Even when we ask a question we are providing others with the chance to reflect on some issue. Isn't that important?

Let's use this blog to keep a record of our memorable moments as members of this community, of our "Eureka!" moments and frustrations. I bet there will be many.

I expect you to make this blog yours, that is, ours.



Gladys Baya said...

Dear Claudia,
I've been moved by your first entry... It certainly reflects the spirit of collaboration and cooperation LWCs was born out of, and, had I ever needed any evidence, here I can clearly see I couldn't have entrusted a better blogger with the task of recording our memories... Hope all members visit it regularly (we can make this one of our regular monthly tasks!) and gradually start contributing to it!

Can't wait to see the links as "LWCers" start creating their own blogs next summer!


Dennis said...


First, quite simply, a sincere 'Thank you!' for creating this blog for us. I belong to many lists, but Learning with Computers is unique in that there are a number of people on it who volunteer, who respond for calls for help and do things. It is not just a talking shop.

Thank you again, and thank Gladys for asking you to get us into blogging.

Moira said...

Hello Claudia,

Gladys's initiative to 'launch' (if I may use this term) this community is marvellous and your own initiative to start this blog is equally so.

We have all felt "overwhelmed by the unintelligible techie jargon" at some time or other and always will do, I fear, as new technologies are developed at an ever increasing rate. Can we keep up?

Having a 'haven' to express our fears, doubts, incertitudes and ignorance in a safe and non-judgemental environment where we can support and challenge the knowledge of others, can only lead to a positive collaborative construction of shared knowledge. This, I think, is vital for us all as language instructors today ... and tomorrow!


Pat Maceda said...

Thank you Gladys and all the LwC community for your invitation and all the help you are giving me with computers.
I consider this tools has been of great help in my life, but all I know I've learned through trial and error. I've never done any course, but I know I am not using the tool to the most. And this is what you are letting me do now.
Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed when I see all the things I don't know and have to learn but I keep on and on. And I do apologise for my limited contributions, it is not a lack of interest, but many times I don't know how to cope with the tasks. But don't be sad, I feel I'm learning a great deal. Thanks again to all of you.

Cheryl Oakes said...

Well done, Claudia, this blog is a great springboard for people to reflect and join in. It is a safe way to begin conversations and read about what the newest tools are.
I am winding down at my school, the last 6 weeks of our school year, I will join in earnest during my summer months. For now, I'll check back off and on. I have 200, 3rd and 4th grade students blogging and I am the moderator. BUSY! is an understatement. But, this is our future. I'll be back soon.

Dennis said...
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Dennis said...

Just a reflection.... On baw06 I was more than a little confused with the number of sites available - a wiki, a blog, voice mail, Skype, the list and then visits to World Bridges and Tapped In.

Here on lwc I think I've just about got the hang of the alternatives, though I confess I've not looked at acronyms for a while. But time, that's what's needed (and we have it) time to explore and get to know and be comfortable with the resources in regular use.

Mary Hillis said...

Great blog, Claudia!
Although I'm quite late at posting this comment, I wanted to say that I'm thrilled to have reconnected with Gladys, others from BaW06, and new friends too. Thanks to you for this new learning experience and I'm looking forward to building a foundation of computer skills.


Dennis said...

As for everyone on this list, other duties and occupations call, and perhaps I don't attend to lwc for a couple of days. But when I return - there it all is, steadily growing - another page on the Wiki, another entry in the blog (or a comment) and I'm quickly drawn back in.

What a rich experience lwc is.

Isabel Teixeira said...

Another great job, Blog Master!

Hala said...

Yes,A belated comment,but I was too so moved by your first post.Way t ogo and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.

Jenverschoor said...

I just wanted to thanks all LWC´s for sharing all their knowledge and experience with the rest!!
It´s the best group I´ve ever been in and I still have lots to learn.

Nina said...

I am a new member of LWCs. I'd like to thank you, Claudia, and everyone for the opportunity given to learn more about Learning with computers. This technology isn't used widely in Ukraine yet. Though, I wish we had this opportunity. I hope more TESOLers in Ukraine will join this wonderful collaborative group of volunteers.

Thanks a million again. :-)

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