Saturday, August 20, 2011

LWCBookmarks (weekly)

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pab said...

The Fluent Language blog that Miss Language pointed out is a clever site to see, with eleven posts in as many days (August 10-20, 2011). The deck (sentences immediately following the title of the blog, at the head of the page) is full of powerful attractors for language learners. For example, one suggests, "Fluent [L]anguage tells you which websites and which books to use to learn languages for free."

Yet there don't seem to be links within any of the posts. In fact, those might detract from the somewhat less than apparent purpose of the blog.

Each post begins and ends with a request to bookmark the blog in social bookmarking networks. Each page view presents three sets of choice advertisements: one just below the deck in every page view, another near the top of the sidebar, and a third between the two posts in each page view. All in all, the Fluent Language blog appears to represent a clever design for generating advertising revenue.

Moreover, when Miss Language bookmarks posts in Diigo, what shows up in bookmark listings (11 at present, dated Aug. 19, 2011 (JST)) are the same powerful attractors from the blog deck. No post content is visible in the synopses.

I wonder whether Miss Language has shared the same potentially revenue generating bookmarks with other Diigo groups, in particular:

+ EFL Classroom 2.0, and
+ Language Learning and Technology.

If there is more to the Fluent Language blog and its underpinning than has come to light already, I hope Miss Language (Diigo username), or members of those other Diigo groups, will stop by and let us know.

Cheers, Paul