Wednesday, May 23, 2007

PROJECT: Listening Sites

This is an e-mail written by Mary Hillis suggesting a project we could develop with our students. Read her e-mail and leave your comments.

Hi LwCers!Jen made a good point that many schools don't have the necessaryequipment to do activities with online listening sites. As this is often the case, I would like to propose two assignment ideas:

Extensive Listening Journal Students choose an appropriate listening site, then create a journal about their experience. For instance, they should write a short report detailing the name of the site, the date, the topic of the listening, a summary of the listening, a list of new vocab plus meanings, and a reaction to the listening. I've done the extensive listening journal before, then had students share their reports with others, discussing listening sources, etc. It was a good way to encourage students to listen to materials of their choice outside of class.

Oral Presentation on an online listening site. Students choose an appropriate listening site, analyze it, and give an oral presentation on their findings. Analysis of a listening site can be based on criteria such as interest, difficulty level, visual appeal of the site, available exercises, links provided, etc. (In this way,evaluating a listening site is kind of like writing a movie review,which many students are already familiar with.) Another plus-- after finishing this assignment, you'll have a clear idea about which types of listening sites are useful and interesting for your students!!

Sorry for the long post! I'm looking forward to hearing other members' ideas on how to use these fabulous listening resources we've found!!



Ana Maria said...

I really loved Mary´s idea. I, myself, intend to involve two groups of mine in doing an oral presentation of listening sites and then have them post their summaries in our class blog. What do you think?

Nina Lyulkun said...

Yes, Ana Maria,

It sounds like a wonderful idea. It's too pity, the end of academic year will not give my students this opportunity to experience the activity Marry offered us. Anyway, some of LwCers will do that and I will try it in September then.
Dear Mary, you are a generator of good ideas. Thank you very much.

Ana Maria, a good job with this special blog!!!

Stay happy!


Mary H said...

Thank you, Ana Maria and Nina!

Ana Maria, I hope that your class will enjoy their projects with online listening sites. Please let us know when they have posted their summaries on your class' blog! I'm sure our members will be interested in seeing students' impressions of some of the sites we've explored this month.

Let's keep learning and sharing!