Thursday, May 10, 2007


We´ve barely started the topic and we already have a long list of suggested sites in our WIKI. Wow, it´s sure overwhelming! We´ll try to organize a list of special features from some of the sites in order to guide us through this discovery.

Let´s start with ELLO, my favourite. It offers interesting activities I haven´t found anywhere else, for instance:

  • Interviews : The interviews integrate image which is known to help understanding.
  • Mixer: Six different people talk about the same topic. It also offers comprehension questions at the end.
  • News game: A news programme in cartoons.Great for beginner levels!

Free online EFL listening exercises has other interesting features: is also interesting.

Breaking News English


  • Learning English through MOVIES (check out the tri-view method clicking the "How to use button") (wonderful template) (beginnners/ intermediate)

Carla Arena´s page for listening activities.

Let´s leave our impressions in the comments area.

Larry Ferlazzo´s blog is amazing. These are some of the sites I selected from his suggestions.
LISTENING DICTATION (movie sounds and clips) (really good!)
Listening to different speakers This is from Tokyo International University and has faculty members talking about themselves, followed by questions that need to be answered by students.(very good!)
ESL VIDEOS is incredible. Not only does it offer video with quizzes at various levels but also offers us the opportunity to create quizzes for videos of our choice.


Camila Sousa said...
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Camila Sousa said...

Great websites and really useful Ana!!

Ana Maria said...

Great you´ve left a message. Welcome to the group.

Nina Lyulkun said...

Dear Ana Maria,
It's a Fantastic posting!!!
Its organized perfectly well and special features seem very clear and are guiding the reader to the right way. I am happy to find out the links very useful.

Thanks a ton for the huge work done. I love it very much.

Nina Lyulkun

delvallesiosi said...

Kudos Ana Maria !!!
Great task.Very clear. It's a good idea to add links to special features in the pages.

Thanks a lot


Mary H said...

Thank you Ana Maria and to everyone who suggested resources! There are many new sites for me to try. For now, my favorite one from the list is Breaking News English


Mark said...


I like the list you created. I was wondering if you could also include my website Visual ESL. It's mainly about learning English vocabulary through drag and drop games, but also there are some quizzes and grammar. We currently have over 100 activities.

Best regards

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