Friday, July 28, 2006

Are blogs similar to portfolios?

Why can a portfolio be compared to a blog?
A student's work can not only be collected, edited and assessed in a blog (the same as in a student's portfolio), but it can be instantly published.
The blog develops reflectivity in learners through peer- viewing because peers' comments and criticism can foster students' revision of their own work.
by Claudia


Gladys Baya said...

Does anyone in this group if there are any other tools (apart from blogs)one might use to create e-portfolios? I can think of webpages/sites and wikis, though the latter would present the problem of how to avoid "collaboration" for individual tasks... Perhaps there's a specific tool for e-portfolios?

Illya said...

I found a portfolio template that you can keep on the web from Cambridge. This might be useful :-)

I'm planning to use it for my next class so I hope to be able to say a bit more about it later.