Thursday, July 13, 2006

Week 1 - Task 1 - Bee Dieu's Contribution

Dear Gladys, Carla and Erika and community members,

There are a lot of resources on blogging in the Blogstreams Salon group at Tappedin (which you can join for free) and also in the navigation column of "Building a Community of Practice" blog (interviews with guest speakers, links to the common wiki).

Dekita also sports some articles on blogging in EFL (see articles tab) and you can send us information about your classes who are blogging so they are in the repertoire (see exchange tab) for other teachers/students to interact with. The orchard tab takes you to class posts from different parts of the world .

I would also like to share two films about school with you. One is a 20 minute interview with Ken Robinson which is inspiring and uplifting (to be viewed first)

and the other an example of the darkest English humour to contrast (or exemplify)

I am sure you will all have a great experience and loooking forward to putting your students in contact with mine and others.

Warm regards from Brazil,

Barbara Dieu


carla said...

Dear Bee,

Thanks for sharing all this info with us!


Claudia Bellusci said...

Hi Bee!
We are so lucky to have you among us! Thanks for such a comprehensive list of resources. We will have a chance to explore and comment on them during the upcoming weeks.
Thanks a lot!

Mary Hillis said...

Thanks for posting these resources to the blog. I am looking forward to reading them and gaining useful information. Thank you, Bee!


Anonymous said...

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