Friday, July 28, 2006

Blogging safely

Why are netiquette and security important issues for teachers dealing with blogs? How can they be dealt with?
Students should be warned against using offensive language or content and should become familiar with basic netiquette rules. They should be aware about cultural differences. Anonymous posting should be banned. On the other hand they should be aware that anonymity is not absolute on the web and that they may be held responsible for whatever they write.
These are some of the things teachers can do to keep their blogging environment safe:
Set yourself as blog administrator for your students' blogs. This way you can edit or delete offensive content.
Enable comment moderation in the class blog and encourage your students to do the same in their own blogs.
Set up a "comment notification address" to be sent comments by mail as soon as they are posted. (Comments tab)
Set up a BlogSend Address (E-mail tab) to be notified when someone writes a post in your class blog.
There must be other tips more experienced bloggers can suggest.

by Claudia


CarlaR said...

I agree with all the safety tips you suggest. I think they are specially important when dealing with young learners and teenagers. Whenever we use blogs at school I think parents should be informed of the project as well as of the safety measures that are taken. We probably take for granted that these kinds of online projects will help students improve their writing and communication skills in an authentic and meaningful way.However, these reasons are not apparent to parents, who underestimate these tools as a teen craze, being unaware of their educational application.

Thanks for taking this issue into consideration.

Best regards,

Carla R.

Gabea said...

I think that blogs are usefull tools to add to our classes, coordinating the students participation and knowing their netiquettes so as to avoid problems,since most of their parents don't know about these new resources. I teach English in Argentina and I would like to improve the use of weblogs in English, since They forster thinking and writing as well.
I share your opinion about them!

Jon said...

Valuable advice...