Wednesday, July 19, 2006

LwC goes bigscreen

Graham Stanley, one of our featured authors this week, has written, produced and directed this fantastic film with an online tool that will soon become a favourite among LwCers. It's called Zimmer Twins.
Get a big bucket of popcorn and enjoy Graham's online show at


carla said...

Dear Claudia, Graham, and LWCers,

I can already picture crowds of educators crashing yahoogroups as there will be so many willing to join this amazing mix of talents.

Wonderful Ad!


CarlaR said...

Dear all,

I've started a blog to pool ideas for our LwC Film Festival:

I look forward to receiving your comments!

Carla R.

anamaria said...

What a great tool this is! I´m having trouble signing in though.

Jason said...

Hi there - glad to see some educators have caught on to the Zimmer Twins. I'm part of the team that built the site. Anamaria - email me directly if you are still having trouble signing in -

Cheers, jason krogh.