Friday, July 28, 2006

The Blog Audience

Can you explain why the article refers to the blog audience as anticipated, expected, multicultural and responsive?
Someone who writes a blog is conscious of his/her target audience and not only presumes his/her writing might be read, but expects it to be. This presumption affects the blogger's writing style.
Blog writers are at the same time blog readers. This duality pushes them to write comments to other people's blogs.
by Claudia


Gladys Baya said...

Only after introducing my classes into blogging have I realised my students do NOT expect any audience for their writing. :-((!
Particularly sad, as they are teacher trainees about to get their degree!
I also learned my lesson: next time, I must ensure some audience BEFORE they start posting... or they'll get discouraged and soon assume there's no difference between writing to get a passing mark, and writing to interact with "the world"... seems a wonderful tool to work this situation out!


Silvana said...

I definitely agree that it is a good idea to make sure of an audience first because if not it may take time till one natural audience appears.